Monday, June 1

Dayvee's first camping trip

New Post NEEDED. I have been really slaking on keeping up with my blog. I'm sorry.
We've been keeping really busy. And taking lots of pictures.
Memorial Day weekend/Mike birthday weekend we went to Bend and camped near the river.
We had a blast. Lots of hiking and dirtiness. The only bummer for me was that the pregnancy nausea set in. UGH!!! Yuck!!!
The first night was a bummer because little Dayvanee did not want to go to sleep and then she woke up and 5:30am. Mike got her up and went walking with her in the backpack until she fell back to sleep. We got it mastered the second night though and she went to bed around 8.
Both Mike and Dayvanee love that back pack.
For Mike's Birthday we went to the the Deschutes Brewering for a tour. Unfortunately Dayvanee wasn't very interested so I had to wait outside.
After that we went to the Brewery's Restaurant for some really yummy food.

Unfortunately we then had to make a trip to Fred Myers and get some clothes for Dayvanee since she's mastered the art of pooping through her diaper.
Hiking around was fun until we climbed straight up Smith Rock. This pic is of a rock called monkey face. If you look closely you can see people who are rock climbing up the rock. CRAZY!!!
That's when my heart rate was racing, and I started getting dizzy. Mike was cool about taking lots of breaks though. It's crazy how the tiny thing growing inside of me affects everything. Anyway, we got to the top and the view was worth it.
Of course Mike did some rock climbing.

Sunday, May 10


I had the most wonderful Mothers Day EVER!!! I love my Dayvanee so much. Every morning when she smiles a huge smile while waiting in her crib for me to get her up, my heart melts. She learned from her Daddy how make me melt. I love being her mommy and his wife more than anything else.

Saturday, May 9

Our Neighbors

It's pretty sad we have lived in our apartment for 9 months and are just getting to know our neighbors. There are two girls who live above us. They seem like sweet girls, but they are obviously college students. It wasn't until two months ago they started playing Rock Band at 2 in the morning that we finally got to meet them. Mike had to ask them not to please not play past 11. What an old man! They were cool with it, and actually invited us to come play with them anytime we wanted. But Mike doesn't want to go public with his amazing voice yet (ha ha).

This afternoon we were just relaxing after spending the day at the beach with some friends. I was pretty tired and had no idea what to make for dinner and I need to go grocery shopping. SO Frustrating!!! Anyway, we had a knock on the door. Turns out it was our neighbor two stories up. He was wondering if we had any plans for the evening and if we were interested in joining them for dinner.
I got out of making dinner tonight, very exciting. Mike had met Josh a couple of times before, just in passing, and once at the school. But I had never met him or his wife Meghan before. We always talked about how we need to meet them, bring them cookies or something, but just continued to procrastinate (so unlike us).

So, we made the trek up 3 flights of stairs to their place. It was such an amazing time of fellowship. They had just met Jesus about a year ago and are very excited about him. They had an awesome testimony they shared with us, and an obvious passion for God. It was so good to be reminded how exciting our relationship with God is. Especially for people who are in the beginning of it. But it should be like that all the time. It is easy to get so lazy and comfortable in our relationship with him. It makes me sad that I've been like that before and that there are so many in the church that are way too comfortable and not living in the excitement everyday in hearing God's voice.

Anyways, they haven't been enjoying the church they've been attending, so they are joining us tomorrow. They said that they have been meaning to meet us for a while as well and that today he was praying about it, and felt like they should have us over. It is great because I have recently been bummed out that most of the friends we've made here are moving come June. Then there is another couple who is always too busy to hang out, and it makes me sad.
Today made me much more excited about being in Corvallis over the summer and next fall.

Monday, May 4

The Kendricks are here

Liz Daniel and Averil got here last night.
We are so happy!!
They came to stay with us for a couple of days. Dayvanee just loves Averil, almost as much as me. However, I don't think Averil is too fond of Dayvee right now.
All the screaming is probably hurts her little ears. I told Averil a kick in the face ought to do it.
She is so adorable. So little, teeny tiny, and helpless. I can't believe Dayvanee was ever that small and immobile. Now she is a little person with tons of personality and lots of attitude.
She got a little upset when she thought I had been holding Averil for too long. :)
We love the Kendricks so much. My heart is so happy they are with us. They are such an amazing family that is used by God in amazing ways. I LOVE LOVE LOVE them.!!!!
Today we took them to Block 15 for lunch. SO GOOD!!! We all got yummy burgers.
Except Dayvee had some grilled cheese, and Averil had some milk and an ice cube.
Her face says she doesn't like it, but she couldn't stop licking it.
Dayvanee was so funny. She really liked our waitress. She was all smiles when she came to our table, and looked for her when she wasn't around. It was funny. She also kept stealing things out of her apron. Expecially the coasters.
She was also eating from the table like a dog. I have no idea where she learned this from. Probably her daddy, or I guess it could have been Daniel. Liz say's she's caught him a couple time, as I have Mike. :) lol
It was so cute though.
Liz made us an amazing dinner tonight. It was pasta and veggies with parmesan cheese and sausage. So GOOD!!! Way better than the burgers from lunch earlier. Now we are all sitting around watching Lord of the Rings. (Boys choice) Although Liz is pretty engrossed in it as well.
I love having such amazing friends.
We are just missing the Whites and the Cheathams to be complete.

Saturday, May 2

Dayvanee turned ONE today

Happy Birthday Dayvaneee!!!
Dayvanee turned 1 year today. We woke her up by singing the "Happy Birthday" song. She was all smiles and started clapping with us. SO CUTE!
Mike made her tiny, little pancakes for breakfast. She loved them!
She made a sticky mess with them, but it was worth it when you saw the huge grin on her face.

She's always smiling the morning, which she gets from her dad. I'm only happy in the morning if I get to sleep in.
Anyway, after pancakes we went to the Corvallis Farmers Market. We got some fresh produce and Mike bought me some tulips. What a great husband.
Before we left we got some pad thai made with all organic veggies, and some kettle corn that was made right in front of us.
So YUMMY!!! I already can't wait to go next week.
Dayvanee liked it too.

Dayvanee spent the next 3 hours of her birthday napping. I was so amazed, she never sleeps that long in the middle of the day. It was nice because I got to work on her dresser. Which has become my new project. I'll post some pictures of it if I ever finish it.
When dayvee finally woke up she got to skype with Jared and Amanda in Ukraine. They were so happy to see her.
I think it turned out to be a pretty good birthday for her. I hope when she looks back at pictures she's grateful. She'll probably want her daddy to make her pancakes again.

Thursday, April 30

Everyone's Favorite Dayvanee

My little Dayvee is going to be 1 year old in a couple of days. I can't believe it. Time goes by so fast. Since this is my first time blogging I thought I'd give a little recap of the past year.

Dayvanee Lynn Eller was born on May 2, at 6:41pm weighing in at 8lbs 10oz, and 21" long. She had 30 people in the waiting room awaiting her arrival.

Although no one could be as excited for her to finally be here as me.

She's the sweetest baby ever.

With her daddy's nose and mommy's eyes. Our brand new little miracle was perfect in every way.
We've haven't stopped smiling since this day.

Already a month old here.
She has mastered the art of:
  • exploding through her diaper
  • and spitting up every time daddy holds her
(Poor Mike had more clothes in the diaper bag then Dayvee.)
Although it didn't matter.

She had already stolen his heart.

By 2 months old :

She was the hit of every party,
the most popular at life group,

and the hungriest person I know.

Eating every 3 hours and growing like a weed.

Her first big trip at 3 months was celebrating Nonnee and Papa's 25th wedding anniversary at Lake Tahoe.
Chilaxing here with her uncles Brock and Jake.
She also went hiking twice on this trip and was an angel the whole time.

We made the move to Corvallis Oregon when she was 4 months old.
Leaving behind Nonnee, Papa, and Oma.

It was hard, but worth it once we started exploring.

We also found that Dayvee's hair is finally long enough to do pigtails.

Look at those cute little toesies.

We love hiking!!!!!

Thanks to everyone who pitched in and bought us the backpack. It is perfect. Dayvanee loves riding in it.

Since moving to Corvallis we try and take advantage of any nice weekend we can. They are pretty few and far between, but worth it when it is so green and beautiful.


Dayvanee LOVED Christmas.
Especially chewing on the wrapping paper.

All of our family was so excited to see her. Some for the first time since we moved. I'm pretty sure she was being held this entire trip.

She is so LOVED,
and we are so blessed.

What a Mess

Eating from a spoon for the first time was definitely an adventure.
Most of the food is
on her, in her hair,
and all over the highchair.

needless to say, next was.....

.....Bath Time!!!!

She absolutely LOVES the swings

It doesn't matter what kind of mood she is in. Once you put her in the swing she she gets a huge grin and starts laughing.

(Doesn't she make you want a baby of your own Amanda???)

11 months old and she is still exploding through her diaper.
We went on a picnic at the park.
  • Took some pictures.
  • Ate some Qdoba, YUM!
  • Started playing some frisbee and realized Dayvee was being very still and quiet on the blanket.
The rest of the picnic was spent wiping her down, changing her clothes, throwing away the blanket, and hoping Mike doesn't puke from the smell.
What a day!
(now I understand your reasoning Amanda)

We threw her 1 Year Birthday Party a week early.
She was a little grouchy from the lack of a nap and late nights but she still had tons of fun.
I can venture to say the cake was her favorite part.
But now she is enjoying all the toys she got.

She was really excited to meet her best friend Averil for the first time, and Mike and I were so happy Averil's parents Liz and Daniel came from Nashville to be at the party.

Actually we were happy everyone came. It was really good to see everyone.

So that is our year in review. Dayvanee is the most amazing daughter any mom could ask for.
I'm excited to tell you all about the many adventures we will be having together in her next year.