Monday, June 1

Dayvee's first camping trip

New Post NEEDED. I have been really slaking on keeping up with my blog. I'm sorry.
We've been keeping really busy. And taking lots of pictures.
Memorial Day weekend/Mike birthday weekend we went to Bend and camped near the river.
We had a blast. Lots of hiking and dirtiness. The only bummer for me was that the pregnancy nausea set in. UGH!!! Yuck!!!
The first night was a bummer because little Dayvanee did not want to go to sleep and then she woke up and 5:30am. Mike got her up and went walking with her in the backpack until she fell back to sleep. We got it mastered the second night though and she went to bed around 8.
Both Mike and Dayvanee love that back pack.
For Mike's Birthday we went to the the Deschutes Brewering for a tour. Unfortunately Dayvanee wasn't very interested so I had to wait outside.
After that we went to the Brewery's Restaurant for some really yummy food.

Unfortunately we then had to make a trip to Fred Myers and get some clothes for Dayvanee since she's mastered the art of pooping through her diaper.
Hiking around was fun until we climbed straight up Smith Rock. This pic is of a rock called monkey face. If you look closely you can see people who are rock climbing up the rock. CRAZY!!!
That's when my heart rate was racing, and I started getting dizzy. Mike was cool about taking lots of breaks though. It's crazy how the tiny thing growing inside of me affects everything. Anyway, we got to the top and the view was worth it.
Of course Mike did some rock climbing.

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